Sebastian Mullaert (A place called Inkonst) - Omnipollo (Elvis)

Sebastian Mullaert - A place called Inkonst
Elvis by Omnipollo
Music genre: EDM
Beer type: IPA

A place called Inkonst

A place called Inkonst is the third album from the Swedish artist Sebastian Mullaert. As is typical in Mullaert’s work we find exploration and improvisation at the heart of this project. “The tracks are expressions of chance”, says Mullaert; collisions and collaborations of sound waves caught in the moment by Mullaert, like snapshots of fleeting harmony.

The album opens on “Wonderphalt” where he sets the scene with transcendent synths floating in unison together. Then in "Sonder at mountain street”, the concert of snare, hi-hat, and kick give us a dancing move almost like you enter a state of trance. On the last track “Sanguine Dreams” the song transports you to another galaxy, the song begins slowly, as anticipation builds, as you continue for something more to happen, until the moment where all sound explodes pushing you further into the empty space.

Sebastian Mullaert

Sebastion's label, Konta, described A place called Inkonst “an exploration of improvisation, an approach that has become far more than a method for Mullaert. The tracks are expressions of chance; collisions and collaborations of sound waves caught in the moment by Mullaert, like snapshots of fleeting harmony.”

by Omnipollo

Elvis is a Smoked Bacon Banana Ice Cream Bourbon Peanut Butter Freakshake IPA. In other words, it is an IPA brewed with bacon, banana, lactose, peanuts, and vanilla. A strange mix some would say, but fine folks at Omnipollo thought differently. It is sweet but it helps all the flavor to combine in a tasty IPA. Either you love it or you hate it, but you can’t deny the creativity of Omnipollo and this is one of their beers that creates space for exploration and improvisation.

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Elvis by Omnipollo

Sebastian Mullaert A place called Inkonst - Elvis - Omnipollo

Sebastian Mullaert has always been a seeker of innovation, so naturally his long-awaited debut solo album, A Place Called • Inkonst presents a unique artistic concept and a thoughtful exploration of the relationship between sound and space.

The music of Sebastian Mullaert is borderless, he expresses himself through improvisation, meditation, and creativity. The same can be said for the brewery Omnipollo. The Swedish brewery operates without boundaries, no idea is too crazy to try. Omnipollo thrives in creativity and self-expression and has built an audience who expects the unexpected from them, in this very way Omnipollo and Mullaert have a lot in common. This is incredibly true when looking at Omnipollo’s beer “Elvis” the complexity, creativity, and balance of the beer is remarkable when looking at how many ingredients, flavors, and textures the beer has. Even with this complexity of “Elvis” the beer does not taste overwhelming, it certainly takes the palate on a journey from salty to sweet but never in an alarming way. The combination of bacon, banana, lactose, peanuts, and vanilla all blended into one a mystical IPA, an otherworldly experience. Drink this amazing beer with this remarkable album and you are sure to have a transcendent night. 

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